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No power in the 'verse can stop me

20 July

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User Number: 1240779
Date Created:2003-08-08
Number of Posts: Who keeps count? Better yet, who fuckin' cares?!?

Mr.Vader's natural habitat is in the City of Winnipeg in the area known as Little Italy. Mr.Vader has disguised himself to look like Anton LaVey (head of the church of Satan) even though he is actually the God of Bitterness. He has an add-on of a goatee, which he uses to hide behind from time to time. Mr.Vader loves bad taste and is often the source of said bad taste.
Strengths: Mr.Vader is already a force to be reckoned with but when combined with his friend James, they form the mighty "Meganerd". "Meganerd" is invunerable to most attacks except for nerd stuff, where it gets a -15 to resist playing said nerd stuff."Meganerd" will often talk to itself-themselves for hours about nerd stuff
Weaknesses: Mr.Vader is weak against Dark Rum based drinks. Actually he's pretty weak against all alcohol based attacks since he is a cheap drunk.
Special Skills: Mr. Vader is a Jack-of-All-Trades but a Master of none. If you can get past his hard exterior, he is incredibly loyal.
Weapons: Sarcasm, +20 vs. Stupid People. Cheesetoast, +10 vs. people who have a sense of good taste and an additional +25 vs. people who know who I'm talking about.

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